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#331275 - I lay on my back in the sun panting but she wanted more cock in her mouth, she grabbed my cock and pulled me towards her burying my cock in her mouth and licking it clean, the other guy pounding her pussy. Nothing was said between us we both knew what each other was thinking. She moaned and sucked while I pounded her pussy but within minutes I could not hold back any longer, pulled out and cum all over her bottom and back splattering her dress, I thought this was the end of the session but she had other ideas, she turned around pointing her pussy to the guy and smiled to him, he knew what she wanted and slid in to take my place, he instantly picked up his rhythm and slid in and out her pussy slurping with the amount of juices already in there.

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Hanji zoe
Looks like me
Kisara nanjou
Mmmm sounds good