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#299020 - Cindy grinned at the girls still holding Katie as they watched mesmerized what Enno was doing and then turned back to see if Trevor was watching. Trevor saw Cindy pause and look intently at what she was doing for a couple seconds and then Trevor saw what Cindy did – the thin wisp of panty mesh material had ridden up onto and then behind the head of the dildo and the dildo head was now perfectly placed against the unprotected entrance into Katie’s pussy - also allowing Enno’s tongue to now directly lick her denuded naked pussy! Katie’s squeal had turned into a low guttural moan as she felt Enno’s powerful hot tongue repeatedly swipe up her labial lips parting them then across her tight anus then back again as she struggled weakly but not strenuously against both of the invaders. I could not help myself feeling aroused and then with a shock realized to the extent that I had become very wet and horny myself! I gently put my hand between Enno and Caroline and I could feel Enno’s co

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