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#210326 - I asked him to return the favor and to set down on his knees and drink my golden flow, he agreed to my surprise, so he sat down and opened his mouth waiting to drink what I will give him, I started to piss slowly to make the operation go longer, my droops went into his mouth, then I pissed on his chest down to his cock, which I noticed was erected, when I finished, I bent down and asked Dani to put his cock into my ready ass, he jumped on his feet and started to give it to me slowly, so I pushed my self hard on his cock cause I was wanting it so hard, he was fucking me good, for a 14 years old boy, I could feel his cock hot in my ass hole I pressed on his cock so hard, after a while I felt his cock getting harder ready to finish, Then he came into me and I felt his sperms in side me coming and coming I really did not want it to stop. He then put his then large 5 inch dick into my ready mouth, then started to drop his golden drops in my mouth then the nice warm liquid started to flo

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