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#127454 - . Now it's time for ours *your mouth is forced open by a cock soft at first but at first contact it starts getting hard* Kelly: I let my mouth just feel it get hard at first Scott: *It starts pumping in and out at full pump it barely hits your gag reflex* Kelly: then slowly use my tongue to feel its shapes size and texture better Scott: *you hear a moan above your head* Kelly: I massage the cock with my tongue enjoying the texture and he taste Scott: Oh. Kelly: Holds really still and waits Scott: well if she's into pain she'll love this (Irish) *you feel a small jolt of electricity hit your nipples of a brief second then stop* Kelly: yelps and pulls away Scott: *laughter rips for your unknown assailants I guess not boys Kelly: holds still and waits some more Scott: *you feel another jolt* Kelly: yelps and ant tries to get away from it Scott: ok.

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