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#322375 - The rapist turned on by this puts his razor glove back on his throbbing uncurcumcized coke and firecefully grabs the these brunetts tiny ass cheeck spreqading them as hard as possible almost splitting to poor girl oppen but gives off on the ass cheeck just as he slides his cock strapped with razor blades into the her tight unwilling ass hole which was actually most likely only possible due to the razor blades cutting open her butt alowing his dick in. The blonde sees what is going on and feals that she did this to the 5th grade girl but she could not live with being raped so now this fith grader falls onto the floor bleeding and slowly losing life. He then pulls her panties down and she hits the toilet seat with her face due to her hands being tied behind her back.

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Shizuo heiwajima
What is her last name
I loved this hentai great actress music choice and well edited to my favs