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#38382 - John put his hand on my knee underneath the table and began questioning me, “Did I like girls, did I have a girlfriend”, then he asked me out of blue “What type of boys underwear did I like wearing”, by now I knew what his intentions where, I didn’t take offence, so I answered honestly, I hope I won’t shock or surprise you John”, but I like wearing skimpy briefs that resemble a pair of girls knickers, I love the feel of the material and its soft lightweight, I love the skimpiness and the range of colours. When I was 18 I re-call a liaison with man called John at the time he was in his late 50’s, he was divorced but in a relationship with a widow called Ann whose son Roger who was my age but in a different class when we in school. John had given up his flat to go and live with Ann and her children.

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