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#346236 - I say hi, George beanbag, I then tell him to sit on the bed Me George, over the next 10 days, your memories of me will gradually fade with only a vague recollection of me being someone Helen dated for a while, also, during that time, you will revert back to all your sexual behaviour and beliefs that you had before we met, so no more having sex with anyone appart from your wife, and you will take care of the baby that and any babies in this house as if they are your own. She continues to suck swallow and slurp, soon I see that she is struggling to breathe, I release her a little, so she takes a small breath, and I feel my cum brewing, I then slam back in and erupt into her mouth, and down her throat. Ok I understand that your don't want to see me any more, that's ok , I then say, Helen beenbag Me : when is everyone due home, Helen: an hour or so.

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Perfect ass but a bit boring
Mona megistus
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