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#145913 - The next lesson Emily gave Shelley she hinted on what she had fixed up, but she couldn’t figure out how to make it happen, Shelley came up with the idea, there was a computer exhibition in a few weeks time and she would ask her dad if Emily could take her there, he couldn’t see why not and even offered to pay all the expenses. They fucked twice more before showering, that evening they were their normal self. The day arrived and Emily came early for Shelley, as they drove off Shelley was excited, at what was to come, Emily drove straight back to her house, David had cleaned his room and had showered, he greeted them at the door, the introductions over Shelley came straight to the point, “Are we going to fuck” David answered this by taking her hand, and his sisters and heading up to his room, there he slowly undressed both girls, Shelley not knowing any different, wasn’t concerned about Emily being with them, he then stripped, laying the girls on the edge of the bed he went to work

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