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#213570 - Fortune was, because his young wife was a kno?ckout!!! Slim with big tits, long lean legs, and a pageboy hair style in strawberry blonde! Christ, he thought to himself, she could be a fucking centerfold! After showing him around the place, Miranda and Dan settled down at the kitchen table to discuss the system he had in mind. Just as he had expected, no one was in the bedroom at this time of the evening, and he was just about to say so when out of the bathroom came Miranda Fortune, dressed in only her bra and panties! My god, Dan breathed, she's fantastic, look at those boobs!!! Beth was staring at the images coming onto the screen, and she got her own shock when Reverend Fortune followed Miranda out of the bathroom, wearing only his birthday suit, and his cock sticking straight up in the air! Mmmmmm, he's hung really nice, offered Beth softly, I wonder if she's going to fuck him!?! A few seconds later she got her answer, and instead of fucking her, Miranda

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