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#890 - I thought about what he had said and then I told Dwayne that I was not happy with him and his mates just picking up an innocent chick and fucking the hell out of her, so I said to them all that if they wanted to have sex so bad I would be willing to let them fuck my wife if they wanted, but only with her under the influence of the drug, she would not agree to fucking strangers if she was not under the influence of something. I was home for about an hour and asked Diane if she would like a drink, I gave her a Gin and tonic which is her favourite and crushed the tablet and mixed it in the drink, Diane drank all of it straight down, about 15 to 20mins later she was out cold in the lounge chair, so I shook her pretty hard to see if she would wake and she just slumped in the chair, I quickly got on the phone to Dwayne and gave him the address. After the guys left I took some more photos of Diane’s laying there naked with all this sticky dried cum on her face and her pussy still full

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