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[日本ダンディ (松野すすむ)] ラッキースケベチャンネル★ [DL版]


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#135688 - They had to release their sexual tension somehow. He now watched as she opened her legs stretching them far and wide, her stockings and tights stretching as well, she had taken off her knickers and now with her blonde hair swaying and he able to see his own kisses and salvia on her body had her say “do it, fuck me Mike” he held his cock and stroked it, he did not have a condom “I have not protection” “Fuck protection, just do it Mike, I am dying here for it” and then he placed it on to her soft pink and very wet pussy, he eased down and began to enter slowly, as she moaned. “Oh Gaynor I cannot believe this” he said as he began to rub his cock between her tits, all she was doing was licking her lips and sticking out her tongue reddening them “My husband must never know, nobody must ever know this is between us Mike” “God yes, between us” as he pressed her tits up against his cock, she tongued the top and licked a little of the pre cum, kissing it.

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Yuri lowell
I noticed the guy has a finger bandage on he was probably fingering a girl too hard
Jeanne darc
I really feel it
Haqua du lot herminium
The way you rolling your hips is astounding show these ladies how its done