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#17231 - Each time this happened I reapplied them to the frames of the door, along with a swat on the ass to teach her a lesson, a lesson I’m sure she was happy to learn over, and over, and over… Finally, I let one of her hands grope at my testicles, for the sensations it aroused in me were surely welcome; I placed my foot on the seat of the toilet so as to allow her hand more unsolicited access. She thought on this and took back her suggestion for the removal of the mask, as it heightened her arousal. Which begs the question: are we really all that dissimilar? Never minding the inquiry, I transfer from one meaty breast to the other, gorging myself on the feast that lay prey to my whimsical tongue, my biting teeth, and my succulent lips.

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Kaori kanzaki
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