#15792 - “that was a dogging session honey, but with just 1 other guy, some women have loads of blokes and even couples watching them,” he looked kind of lost as he spoke, and I felt like I had betrayed him the same as he betrayed me in the states, but I could see how he would have got sucked in, (pardon the pun). I moved over to him and layed next to him on the floor, and started to scoop the spunk from my chest and lick it off my fingers, I leant over and kissed him full on the lips, and let him taste his own cum from my tongue, he then blew me away with what he said, “sit on my face bitch, I want you to cum all over my face” and then pulled hard on my spunky nipples and then sucked his fingers, “I,m full of your cum, and you want me to sit on your face” I asked shocked, “mmm, at least its my SPUNK this time” he emphasised “but the weekend has only just begun” he adde. “well I just got carried away with the moment, I didn’t think at the time, but it made me so horny having him watch me as

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Ling yin huang
The last part was so unexpected and i love it
Asahi azumane
Fuck he is hot
Reki kyan