Bus Mellow Kiss - Tokyo ghoul Hotel

(喰の狂宴2) [白銀冠 (ナスカ)] めろきす (東京喰種)


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#153109 - I specificly requested iced tea, didn't I, Nick, Cleo Carson asked her husband!?! I think you did, Nick replied with a small smile of his face, anyway that's the way it sounded to me!!! Cleo Carson stared coldly at the frightened young woman who they had just hired as their maid and cook, and in a small voice she stammered, I-I'm sorry, Mrs. Carson, I thought I heard you ask for coffee, if you want me too I can go get the tea!!! My dinner's already been ruined by your incompetence, she snapped while turning her attention back to her husband, what do you think I should do with her, I'm at my wits end!?! Laural Grant stood silently next to the table while her boss upbraided her, and much to her horror, Nick Carson suggested that she should be spanked!!! You wouldn't dare, Laural exclaimed while shrinking away from the table, I'll call the police if you lay a hand on me, I will, I'll really call them!!! Oh my, I'm shaking in m

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