#373996 - Danni became aware that she too was flowing juices from her cunt as Samantha continued the assault; Samantha pushed Rose off of Danni so that she could get into better position to continue to fuck her. Rose answered the door and invited her in, closing the door quickly after she had entered; Danni understood her reason for wanting to close the door, Rose was dressed in a pale blue balcony bra that strained to carry her heavy breasts, a pair of pale blue French cut lace panties, a pale blue lace collar, a darker blue garter belt attached to medium blue silk stockings and pale blue ankle strapped pumps with four inch stiletto heels. Samantha came over to plant an extremely wet kiss on her mouth to see if she had recovered; Rose enjoyed the kiss, closing her eyes; the kiss lasted over thirty seconds before Samantha broke it.

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Yoshiyuki terada
Holy fuck you are perfect wanna just dive in tongue first
Yukina minato
Fucking hot