#50771 - we went to southbank and talk to a bit and it came to about 6pm it was a normal british winter night, cold but the lighted up skys made you feel warm inside i wispered in her ear lets go to a more private place and grabed her hand we went to north greenwhich station a very busy station but round the outside of it was the most private place you could ever go. I was 14 and in love with a 16 year old i often spent hours of feeling myself on my imagionation of actally being able to fuck her she was a beutiful brunette with glasses about 5ft3 and a small but busting B cup with the most beutiful body i have ever seen i got a phone call about 4pm on a saturday hey chris come to waterloo and hang out with me i felt myself growing in my pants already i replyed ill be there as soon as possible. We sat on are favourite bench and cuddled we held hands and she kept kissing mine i couldnt stand it it was making me so hard the tight jeans i had on was showing the full shape of my penis s

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She probably has no idea who the baby daddy is