#111719 - They were kissing and sucking each other I could see her arm moving jerking him off when I noticed her start to raise up, he pulled her panties off and pulled his cock through his dickies the rest of the way, I realized she was going to start riding him and wanted to get a better view so I pulled the table out so I could see better. To my surprise, she did not pull her hand away, instead she started to rub his cock under the table, teasing him through his pants. She scooted in to me and put her arms around me and said baby I'm sorry, I kissed your friend, I didn't mean to, I am buzzed and got a little lost in the music I said I don't mind baby, we are on vacation, enjoy yourself, Dante is a good friend Just then Dante came to the table apologizing to us saying he was going to get going, he had too much to drink.

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