#142822 - Clive went back on his knees and carried on with my legs, but this time kissing them all over, he kissed from my feet right up to my thighs, i was murmering as he kissed and licked them, Rodger sat by me during this kissing me, and kissing my ears, whispering in my ear that they were going to fuck me. Clive unbuttoned my shirt, undoing them one my one as me and Rodger kissed then we stooped kissing just as Clive was taking off my shirt and threw it on the floor, me and Clive kissed again while Rodger unlaced my shorts and began to pull them down, i lifted my legs up so he could pull them off, i was now completely naked which i didn't think was fair so i tugged at Clives belt, they got the message and soon they stripped and had their big cocks out. my parents wouldn't be there but they said that they came round to say hello to me, they had a bottle of wine with them which i thought was a bit strange but i invited them in and Rodger opened the wine a poured us all a drink and

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Some people think her tits are real moral of the story men are easily fooled
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