#86782 - she said i dont not like its just that you are the only person that understands my anger ever Well. That day my slumber was woken by the bitch herself and she said while embarrassed I had a bad dream And at that moment i motion toward my bed and she sat down on the side and before she could lay down i said what was the dream about my foster home and what hapend what i said more interested but she was so uncomfortable About it so i shut up Then She Said Its hot in here and scooted closer to me im hot Then Closer are you hot now she was On my shoulder then she grabed my arm and said i want to be warm down here and move my arm to her wet vag opening Time stoped and i was on fire and now my mega masochist Kicked In and destroyed me then i turned over and And said this is wrong holding back my masochism as hard as i could but she said it feel so right and moved my hand making me rub her, 'how could this happen' i said im my head but my other head ac

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