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#2024 - With my hands on her hips, she leaned forward to kiss me; her boobs pressing on my chest felt amazing, and as soon as she started bouncing slowly over my dick, she whispered in my ear “Today you don’t even need to ask: bang me hard, delight me with your cock, and don’t you dare taking it out until I’m filled up with your warm cum…” “I can’t wait…” “Take your time, honey, I don’t want you to hurry!” she smiled, but I didn’t want to hurry either. We have to treat us well as long as we can, and look what a beautiful cock your friend has” said Laura, trying to cheer her daughter up, “did you know that?” A little smile appeared on Isabel’s face “I actually didn’t know that…” “And you should feel how great it is inside you!” “Mom! Please…!” “Oh, c’mon! You have to enjoy the good things of life!” continued Laura. But I couldn’t deny that a certain curiosity arose: I carefully opened the door to peek in, and I saw Laura was helping Isabel to undress.

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Yuu narukami
Damm piece of clothing on that ass you have damm makes it more desirable