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#341415 - Why be upset over something I chose to do, If I didn't agree to let them roast me your sweet tasting pussy would be going on that spit Ranma replied as he finally got one blow in on a distracted Akane causing her to fall flat on the ground, Akane, Akane, you alright?? Ranma called running to her side, Im ok Ranma Akane answered as Ranma knelt down beside her and lifted her head into her arms. Looking into each others eye's, Ranma leaned into Akane and kissed her passionately, Akane pushed her lips harder into Ranma's kissing her back, Ranma broke off the kiss and started working her way down Akane's body kissing every inch of her until she found her sweet spot between her legs and started to lick all over enjoying the taste of Akane's pussy and loving the squeals of pleasure coming from Akane's lips. Ok Soan I need your help, It went through his uterus without a problem but I cant pierce the stomach wall Genma said trying to push the spit f

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