#86460 - the fizz went all over harvey shirt but to my shock harvey wasnt laughing he got off the bed and walked about 5 steps away from me. harvey was laughing so hard he was crying. he was angry i had just done that he said i went clothes shopping so i would look nice for you and you dump your drink over me i said i was sorry and i would buy him a new shirt harvey reply its not about the money leon i got off the bed pissed off that i had upset him i walked to the bathroom but on my way harvey asked me where are you going i said in a pissy tone im gonna take a shower slamming the door behind me i went to lock it but noticed there wasnt a lock so i just got undressed and climbed into the shower after about 10 minutes of shower harvey walked in the bathroom butt naked got into the shower grabbed me from behind and kissed my neck im sorry babe i just want everythink to be perfect i turned around and said everythink is perfect (apart from the hotel room but i respected harvey did

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Ange katrina
So cute loved it