#140999 - Davis, this is all for the best, and I can assure you that this clit ring will do more to control your daughter than anything else you could come up with!!! But how does it work, Joan asked in shaky voice!?! Well, Harriett replied, inside the ring is a tiny computer chip that is activated much like the vibrator, but as I'm sure you can acertain, the vibration deep inside of a vagina is much much different than the same sensation directly on your clitoris!!! Joan Davis thought abut that for a minute or so and then replied, Yes, I can see that, but how do you discipline these girls by arousing their vaginas when in reality it's probably a pretty nice feeling to have!?! Now that is a very good question, Harriett answered quickly, but the answer is in this little device right here!!! What on earth is that, Joan asked dumbly, it sorta looks like a male jock strap, but different!!! But different indeed, Harriett Taggert replied, it's made out of the same

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