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#180417 - Strange to say, this was no longer a problem for me – in fact, it was quite pleasurable, and made even more so by the arousing effects upon me of having my cunt lapped whilst others groped my breasts and nibbled my tits with their short sharp teeth. Amaya’s meaning was all too clear even before Ishiko and Midori gripped my hand-cuffed arms and started to force me down into a squatting position – in which I would unavoidably impale myself on the spear-like dildo. Then, as I knelt in front of Kagami, she calmly set out the order of my new life, with no more thought in her mind that I would refuse or disobey than there was in mine.

Read Flexible [Yuunabe Shinkouchuu (Tanabe Kyou)] (Bakemonogatari) [Japanese] - Bakemonogatari Black [Yuunabe Shinkouchuu (Tanabe Kyou)] (Bakemonogatari) [Japanese]

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