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#81386 - Kevin then smiled at Greg and said, I think I'm gonna like college life just fine, don't you?!? THE END. Girls just never interested him for anything more than as playmates or casual friends, and while he liked girls all right, it was just quite not like the other guys did. By now Kevin was getting the butt fucking of his life as Greg pounded away at his virgin ass hole!!! Kevin reached down and was jerking his now hard dick in time with Greg's movements so that when Greg blew his wad up Kevin's eager rectum, Kevin's own cum exploded out of his dick onto the wet show room floor! They slumped together in a post coital glow, and Kevin couldn't help but think of how lucky he had been to find Greg at this time in his life, and if first loves are best loves, Kevin certainly had no complaints!!! Kevin soaped off Greg's penis, and gently took it into his mouth and sucked on it softly, while Greg stroked his lovers head, savoring the feeling that

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Mirajane strauss
The girl had pre oiled her boobs though
Takano morisato
Swapped couples holy sh t well that would be smt so far usually we have loving couples doing our hentais and it creates a deeper bound between them by their testimony