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#352366 - When the door opens, the bitch is pushed to the floor looking beat up I need to talk to Sonya, she is a pint size dynamo, as the bitch looks up I tell her this is where she will sleep her eye is swollen and her lip is busted and I see a bruise forming on the side of her head. I knows he wants to wait but I love him and want to be fucked, but I don’t say that because with him I have found my forever home even though he fucks other’s sometimes we do it together well he makes them suck my pussy or I do them he has told everyone that he would kill anyone one who looks at me wrong so no one even talks to me unless he tells them it’s ok. This feels so go this is my first time fucking an ass I have always wanted to well not with a guy but it feels really, good the guy tells me to go harder when I look down, so I pull back and I slam forward and he moans.

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