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#21468 - Big cock whispered to Lyn, and she looked and said that's ok, come with us, taking his hand and nodding to me, we went inside the caravan, then he told me, he didn't want his mates to see him fuck my ass, the curtains were shut and Lyn locked the door, I knelt on the bed and Lyn slide under me, big cock, Al, I found out later pushed his cock to my ass, and then with one good push went right in balls deep, my did that feel good. Lyn and Al pulled out slowly, as they did Lyn licked my ass and ate the cum running from me, then gave me a nice cum kiss. The other guys were still going strong, Lyn and Gretchen keeping them busy, some had watched my show with interest, the guy with the big cock took extra interest, so when I could I moved under Lyn while he was fucking her ass, and licked her clit, my tongue also licking his cock, he didn't worry about that, then as his cock dropped out, I sucked it right down my throat, again he didn't pull away, so I kept sucking him.

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Larkin love
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Hot hentai
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Honestly that is pretty good acting by the girl made it so hot