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#380344 - ” “Yesterday is too early… There’s at least seven dreams in here… Have you started training her yet…? “ “Of course. ” Through gritted teeth Anisa spits “I’m going to die if I have to go through this two more times! I swear I-” her words cut off in another scream A man in a long dark cloak walks in and winces softly “You hear softer screams in a battle, I swear Shan, why you ever got hitched is beyond me…” He goes into the bed room and taps Caroline’s shoulder “What’s been done so far?” “She’s had vodka, an entire 48 ounces. ” she snorts softly “You really don’t get women do you? I don’t really hate you.

Read Zorra 珊瑚宫心海本子 - Genshin impact Escort 珊瑚宫心海本子

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