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#420461 - He farts and has the whore fart in the chalice, he pisses thereinto and has her piss thereinto, he shits thereinto and has her shit thereinto, and finally he discharges into the chalice. THE 26TH. He is in a room, four girls arouse and flog him; when at last he is all afire, he leaps upon a fifth girl, who is naked and awaiting him in the next room and, wielding a bull's pizzle, he assails whatever of her he can reach, maintaining the hail of blows until he discharges; but in order that his ejaculation arrive sooner and the patient suffer less, he is not sent into the second room until his discharge is imminent.

Read Relax S◯XするとSPを回復してくれる黒ギャルヒーラー【幼少期編②】 - Original Big Pussy S◯XするとSPを回復してくれる黒ギャルヒーラー【幼少期編②】

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