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#16346 - 5 bursts of sticky cum shot all over her back then I woke up with a sticky sensation in my underwear. eventually I went along my day just doing whatever I had to do then that same night I walked in the room and she was wearing a pink thong and no shirt so of course she freaked out and I bolted to my room because I didn't know what to think. My dad worked alot so he was never home and on weekends would be great because I'd be alone with her in the house and watch her clean in her yoga pants which literally showed the complete shape and curve of her ass, sometimes I'd sneak a look while she would shower and that was a lovely scene, you don't understand I want her badly I want her to be all mine that body should belong to me but alas it did not.

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Ruka oshida
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Goddam thats how you make a mommy son hentai