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#224417 - I reached at Pedro's balls and fondled him as he rode me and as i rode Johns now wet ass after being there a while I ease out of john and turned him around and put my dick in his mouth he quickly got used to it and gave me a great blow as i began bucking away at his face with me near cumming. I bit his ass cheeks and then spat at his asshole and licked it using my tongue to peirde his pucker and enter his shit holehe squirmed and it took a little time until he relaxed then I took my pants down and lubed my dick with spit and pressed it against his ass as it entered a little the the head jumped in then it seemed to hitch he begged for me to be gentle and i said 'sure John I'll takecare with your asshole you r a good boy. I pulled up the door behind me but didn't close it and went straght for his zipper took his dick out as it grew instnatly in my hand.

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Hiroto maehara
Shinjuurou yuuki
Why does he hide his face lol