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#209822 - This is a true story It was a normal Friday morning at work, not a lot going on, so I and a friend took off, we went for coffee, and talked, the chat turned to sex, I told her that I had not had any in a few weeks, we laughed and giggled like school girls, the decided to go shopping for underwear, we took her car and hit a few places, found a few good deals, jo-jo kept getting text messages, as we shopped, I must admit when she would try on something and ask me how she looked it was hard not to feel excited, the soft silk of the panties on her chocolate skin along with her sexy ass, wow it was hot, now I am not the best looking woman in the world, 5’6’’ a bit overweight, 55 years old my boobs sagged no more hard body for me, just a soft grandma, at the last store I found a nice set in red, I tried the bra and matching panties on , jo-jo stepped in to the changing room with me, and looked she could see the bra was a bit to small for my 38D boobs, and you could see my pubic hair stick

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Hayato akiyama
You are so gorgeous
Toraji ishida
Your beautiful more anal please