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#153947 - As a result of this foreknowledge he wasn't surprised when he felt her grip tighten, her thrusts, like her breathes, becoming shorter and more determined as her huge balls slapped into his time and time again, readying to fill him up, the climax they were both waiting and praying for, the thrill of the potential of being caught driving Katherine to heights she never knew she could feel. Katherine, felt such a conflict of feelings run through her in a millisecond that she didn't know what to feel, how to react, the peak of pleasure, the panicked released adrenaline coursing through her veins, the bliss, the fear. She had seemingly severely underestimated the pleasure Ethan’s cock was bringing to her body and, arching her back as low as she could Katherine bit her lip as she felt Priscilla moan around her cock, deep and needy, her fingers clenched in the bed sheets.

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