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#105048 - The next day was the big day, as it was the conference day for Raul and Julio, they would have to leave me alone at the resort all day all night, as they were ready to leave, Julio looked worried trying to tell me how I could spend the time without being bored and how to enjoy myself. A little while later I told Rahul “baby, remember the last time we travelled together, then you had a conference for a full day and you left me at your friend’s farm?” He said “Yes” I said “at the beginning I was bored, then I started socializing with the staff, teasing them and flashing my assets to them, I ended up fucking all of them one by one, separately and jointly all day long, till I had a fully satisfied and sore pussy and ass, but I was embarrassed to till you that, afraid it would offend you” Raul laughed saying “hell no, why should it, you own your own body and have the full control over it darling, you can fuck anyone you want even while with me” he smiled again saying “why would I be mo

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