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#115411 - I shift slightly to one side, still cock-in-mouth, so that I can bring my other hand around to the front, to clutch and tickle at his testicles, now soaked in a mixture of my spittle and his own sweat, while the finger of my right hand pushes ever deeper into his “inner sanctum”. They’re supposed to be life-guards but most of them are so young that I do wonder what they would do if anything serious occurred. From the water, I get a nice long view up at him as he sits on his stool with his leg crossed, his bare foot resting on his other knee; and I catch fleeting glimpses up one leg of his dark blue shorts, where the soft white skin of his bare leg disappears towards the darkness of his groin…… On one of my approaches, he is playing with one of the long poles with a safety hook on the end.

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Pastel ink
Did you see how swollen that pussy was by the end peeking through the panties
Ive never been so jealous of a blowjob in ny life ill take a number 9 please