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#159461 - “Hmmm” April moaned in the darkness beneath the sheet the smell of sex all around her as she sucked her brother’s cock and came over her own fingers, her mouth closing tightly around his cock as she squeezed her pussy muscles onto her fingers in orgasm. Lee smiled as he felt his sisters’ face on his neck, her breath making all the thoughts of what he was going to do flood into his mind, and making his cock throb harder and get firmer! Stacey reached down and took his hard cock in her hand, slowly working her palm up and down the shaft as she kissed her brothers neck and moved to his mouth kissing him deeply again. “You will make an excellent dad Love, and Kim will be a perfect mum” she beamed as she kissed her brother again, her legs over his as she straddled his thighs to lay over his body, his soft cock slightly springing back to life against her stomach as her breasts brushed against him.

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