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#121572 - I started breathing in her smell, I couldn’t decide how it smelled exactly but it seemed like I just couldn’t get enough of it so I decided to lick up and down along the slit, she started moaning so I started parting the smooth, wet lips with my tongue and suddenly I was overcome with the tangy taste of her juices, so I started working more and more, then I noticed that her clit started to peak out from its hiding spot. ” She nodded her head again, so I pushed her down on my bed, pulled her panties down and tried my best to lick her pussy, I had never done anything like this before, but I had seen many guys and girls do it while watching porn so I tried to copy what they did. ” “Okay, fine, I’ll help you with it, but next time please don’t come in my room without me being here.

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Anna respighi
Love the way she kissed that wet pussy before she tongue fucked
Kako takafuji
Love to suck that bbc while my hubby watches