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#54183 - two days later i had my devious plan all worked out i was going to Waite till after school and kill him on his way to his house ( in the ally behind his house) so I Waite till after school and Ill stalk John until he gets to the ally to his house being six feet four inches in height I started to choke him as he started squirming i felt a strange sensation in my pants I mean I know what getting a hard on is ive beet my meat for a good 7 years now but this was different this was way more intense i had the biggest hard on of my life killing John now that his body felt limp i had to take care of it i thought to my self then i notice i had a dick of steel in my pants waiting to explode so i say fuck it I got a willing body right here. the next day i was thinking of having some fun with my girl friend that didn't noticed her man on the side was now laying in the ally ass raped with my hot cum in his ass we talked for a moment telling her that we should go and see a movie at my house an

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