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#390964 - He sped up taking long deep strokes until his pubes were bumping against my clit, I couldn't help myself and urged him deeper and harder as I built towards a big orgasm. By the time Dean came again about 15 guys had fucked me and I had gone through several orgasms, my pussy was getting a bit sore so when I swallowed Deans cum I spat his cock out and said enough Dean tried to get up but I held him in place as I didn't want anyone to see my face so he just turned and told the guy fucking me that he was the last one, there were several moans and complaints but it appeared that every guy had managed to do me at least once as I didn't hear anyone say they had missed out. Occasionally when Ben was outside I suspected that he was behind Dean and was getting a good view of me but as I normally closed my eyes to concentrate on my pleasure I didn't actually know for sure.

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